Discount Auto Insurance Tips For College Students

Graduating from high school and heading off to college whether it be thousands of miles away from the family home or just a few miles down the road in the same community can cause concern for a college student. They’re anxious to move into their own place of residence because they’ve been waiting for years to experience this freedom, even if it’s just a dormitory. That isn’t always the best way to go financially. If they continue to live under their parent’s roof, then the auto insurance may not be a problem. There are some requirements that the teenager might not like because it doesn’t give them the feeling of freedom they expected when they graduated from high school. They would need to register the vehicle under their parent’s name and then under their vehicle coverage policy also. This way they are still tied to their parents in a very big way and that feeling of freedom seems to be slipping away but they are saving hundreds of dollars.

If they are truly set on moving out on their own and starting their own life this will include obtaining their own insurance. There are discounts that may help them accomplish that dream. The young people of today are connected to the internet in every area of their life, they utilize it for school projects, for personal communication with people all over the world, and they can use it to find great insurance discounts and rates. Starting off with the type of vehicle the teenager chooses to drive, this can be a main factor in the premium quote. Hopefully, they weren’t able to talk their parents into letting them have a sports vehicle or a large truck with big wheels because the insurance premiums will be sky-high. If they thought about the situation of insurance beforehand, they would have chosen a smaller vehicle that had safety features already on it. This will qualify the teenager for a discount and if that vehicle can be parked safely in a locked garage the discount will be even better. A young vehicle owner also has a couple of other discounts they may be eligible for. One of them is a discount for getting good grades and keeping them at a certain high point average. Another discount the college student is probably eligible for is the good drivers rate which is offered to any driver that avoids moving violations, accident, and DUIs for a period of three years. Each three year segment that the driving record remains unmarked will continue to lower the premium even more. These two discounts are very important as the benefits from them keep increasing over the years.

There is also another option for these young people have regarding their auto insurance coverage. That is the choice they have of purchasing the type of insurance that would cover the damages, if they were at fault, of just the other parties vehicles, property, or any physical injuries. This is not the best option for a young person to chose due to the fact that if their vehicle is damaged and the other party is uninsured then their vehicle will have to be repaired out-of-pocket from the young vehicle owner. As can been seen by the above information, a young person can begin their life by moving out of their parent’s home and into their first home, usually along with other friends to save more money, and they will be able to locate reasonable auto insurance if they are determined and do the necessary research to find just the right one for them.