Auto Insurance Tips For the Smart Shopper

When most people purchase auto insurance they will often overlook the conditions and coverage of their auto insurance. This can lead to a very bad situation if you end up in an accident and only then find out that your insurance doesn’t cover you the way you expected. This can potentially leave you out of pocket or without your vehicle.

Here are a few tips that can help you to avoid a bad situation:

  1. Read the product disclosure statement, this will tell you exactly what is covered and under what circumstances you are not covered.
  2. Choose the right cover for ALL drivers. Don’t choose to exclude inexperienced drivers to get a discount if an inexperienced driver only drives your vehicle sometimes. An accident can happen anytime.
  3. Only pay for what you need. There’s no point in paying for options such as a hire car if you only drive your vehicle on the weekend and have other means for getting around during the week.
  4. Don’t make small claims for incidents such as a scratch or dent on the bumper of your vehicle. Your auto insurance will often increase and the yearly increase may well be higher than the cost to simply pay for the repairs yourself.